There Are Many Ways to Wear Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes are a no-fail option for women who want to step up their fashion game. You can count on these shoes to make you appear more stylish.

Most women don’t readily consider oxfords when looking for shoes. That’s because oxfords are traditionally associated with male footwear. While many women love oxford shoes, most are not sure how to wear them. I understand this feeling. When I decided to purchase my first pair of oxfords, I spent a long time searching the internet for outfits that would work with these shoes. The oxfords were from MilkTee’s online shop and were mad of leather. They looked classy. Milktee is known for their simple, yet edge designs, so it’s no surprise that they offered t his multi-colored oxford to appeal to their female customers. This color block design offers many stylish options.

If you’re still not sure what to wear with your oxfords, here are some ideas for you:

1. Sweater Outfit

A cozy sweater is a good choice on a chilly day. Many people opt for the standard footwear choice of boots or sneakers. However, you can easily step up your stylish sweater with a pair of oxfords. They offer the same warmth and comfort of a boot, but can appear classier. And, an oxford does not have the sloppy vibe of a sneaker.

2. Denim Shorts

Denim is a chic and hip everyday fabric. Denim shorts have an effortless style that pairs well with oxfords. While you won’t wear your shorts to your next corporate meeting or semi-formal event, you can enjoy wearing them casually or for running errands. Just look for oxfords that are comfortable, like the shoes sold online by Milktee. That way you can wear your oxfords all day.

3. Socks and Tights Ensembles
You’ve probably seen fashion bloggers and celebrities in highly fashionable knee high socks or tights, weather permitting. You can add a cute skirt or dress and your oxford shoes for a finished, polished look. Then you’ll look like a stylish hippy or country girl.

Oxfords do not necessarily look like a stylish fashionable shoe. However there are a variety of designs and colors available and coming out that will make oxfords the next must-have shoe. You don’t need to change or compromise your current style to wear oxfords, you can make oxfords work for you. You must need to take the time to find the right outfits to complement your new stylish footwear.

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